Select and design the products of today & tomorrow.

Pierjac assist you in the whole product chain.

Our business & mission



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Conception & development

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Quality & commitment

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Our core value

Human first

A team of 20 people, 4 nationalities more than 7 languages spoken, a wide range of expertise spread over our 2 sites. The men and women of Pierjac are our first asset.

Operational effectiveness

Our tools and processes are there to guarantee the highest level of performance, competitiveness, quality and safety of our products and services.

Responsible Purchasing

We are collectively committed with our partners to becoming a positive impact company. We are constantly improving the environmental and social aspects of our business.

Open to the world

As the main interface between industrial players and our customers, we are open to the world and open-minded. We creatively grasp new ways of doing our business and create value by generating partnerships and exchanging data.

Expertise through experience

An international referencing and sourcing center, we select, purchase, design, qualify and transport goods. This allows us to contribute to the products of today and tomorrow: this is Pierjac’s area of expertise. For more than 10 years, the expertise of our international team and the performance of our purchasing and partnerships have enabled us to guarantee partner brands a relevant and competitive offer allowing them to offer their customers highly reliable products, accessible, innovative and committed to sustainable use.

Key figures



Our team is a portfolio of expertise in buyers, designers, quality and logistics specialists, lawyers… based in Europe and China.



We have more than 2,000 active SKU’s in our catalog and we add 100 new products every year.



Our mission is to fulfil our orders by delivering on time and in sufficient quantity, but also in a more environmentally-friendly way.



We select our partners in more than 10 countries on the basis of strict qualitative, economic, but also social and environmental criteria.

Made with passion & sources with care

With expertise as varied as purchasing, quality, logistics or product and packaging design, our sourcing team has been present in Asia for more than a decade. We have built a large portfolio of qualified suppliers according to European regulations. This network of partners allows us to constantly offer new products and relevant changes to the ranges. Sourcing in Asia is now one of the main means of guaranteeing the best choice at the best price while ensuring an irreproachable level of quality based on European standards. Since its creation, our sourcing and quality teams have placed environmental and societal issues at the heart of their requirements.


Always closer to the sources

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World sources

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We develop to turn your ideas into succesfull products

Our designers and engineers are working with our marketing department to develop innovative products which respond and preempt our customer’s needs. Our range of products have been selectionned by the largest European retailers and we are able to meet their stringent requirement for their store label. Sold in more than 100 shops worldwide. Exclusively licenced, we provide several International trademarks. Everyday, we are in contact with our customers, making innovative proposals that excite the market and help our partners increase sales and market share.


We innovate, design and develop



Anycase we have a solution


Quality & commitment

Supplier quality

Each production unit in our supplier portfolio is audited. All comply with compliance criteria guaranteeing the best manufacturing quality according to strict environmental and social requirements. We also have a base of pre-qualified supplier-prospects according to our requirements in order to optimize back-up solutions. These factories are re-audited periodically according to a control plan promoting continuous improvement and imposing corrective actions if necessary.

Regulatory product compliance

Our products, their packaging and their user manual comply with European regulatory requirements. Our quality experts validate this compliance at each phase of the development and selection of a new product. Each production is also checked according to these criteria before shipment to our customers.

Quality of use and performance

The specifications of our products are based on the functionalities expected by users. We consult them regularly to establish product performance levels. During the design but also throughout the life of these products, Pierjac quality experts will check that the level has not deteriorated and that it corresponds to the expectations initially established.

Continuous improvement

In close relationship with the quality departments of our customers, we listen to feedback and comments from users in order to constantly improve the quality of our ranges. Thus from one generation of products to another, they become more and more efficient and easier to use.


Ethical policy & responsible commitment

Values that control how we behave when doing business or interacting with our stakeholders. Our worldwide reputation for business reliability is built on consistently conducting our business with integrity and in compliance with laws and regulations. That’s why we seek to ensure that all of our suppliers operate in accordance with our requirements.


We do it right,
quality is our core value

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